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Tower Group, Inc. sells and oversees a wide range of specialized property and casualty insurance products and services.

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Adopting and implementing Guidewire BillingCenter application

Project started in 2010 from collecting customer's requirements and creating architecture for the solution.
Applied methodology: Agile

In the area of the application itself, the CFT team implemented several requirements of the customer, adopting it to existing business processes, specifically
invoicing principles:
  • processing and allocation of funds for individual policies
  • collecting and processing financial data
  • rules for the process of notification of outstanding payments and providing information for debt collection
  • handling electronic payments (EFT) both for the purpose of notifying the customers of payment deadlines and automation of operation
  • handling banks and mortgage payments in the scope of accepting payments, sending overpayments directly to the bank, dividing invoicing between the insured and the bank
Application screens were customised to the customer's needs, in order to make the transition from previous systems as easy as possible. Lacking functions (present only in subsequent system versions) were designed entirely and added by the CFT team, including mortgage creditor accounts and payment invoicing and processing.
The system was configured to support all business lines for the commercial and retail markets.

Application integration with other systems of the customer in the scope of the policy system:
  • enabling receiving information on policies in real time, and also changing information and financial data
  • two-way communication intended for synchronising the policy status in both systems
  • integration thanks to using webservices allowed for the communication of systems designed in two different technologies

Application integration with other systems of the customer in the scope of the banking system:
  • accepting information on payments and withdrawing them in case of bad cheques
  • sending collective information on unpaid policies and invoices allowing for quicker identification of the cheque on the bank side

Integration in the scope of electronic payment system:
  • acceptance of credit card payments or bank transfers
  • automation of sending payment requests (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Other functionalities:
  • user authentication integrated with domain (LDAP)
  • print system for outgoing cheques
  • paperless system of document storage
  • system for printing documents and sending them to the customer
  • data warehouse

The CFT team conducted several series of performance tests in order to propose a sufficient and expandable hardware platform. We created and developed report bases in the scope of:
  • policy and payment data
  • financial reports

In post-production period the team's tasks also included the following:
  • monitoring system condition, including integration and data status
  • solving problems with the application and implementing patches
  • analysing and implementation of system updates
  • business user support - answering questions and help with adopting solutions

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