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Insurance Sector

CFT have gained over 20 years of experience in providing IT solutions to American insurance companies. We implement dedicated systems based on Guidewire software (Claim Center, Billing Center). 

We employ technical and business experts dedicated for the following areas: 
  • Claim registration and handling systems,
  • Billing systems,
  • Policy management and administration,
  • Data warehouses,
  • Automated reporting

The scope of our services include:
  • Business and technical analysis of the available solutions,
  • Selection and implementation of insurance IT systems based on proven solutions,
  • Support in the process of providers selection ,
  • Integration of insurance solutions with existing applications or services delivered by subcontractors,
  • Customised configuration, further development, and testing upgrades,
  • Data preparation and migration to new systems,
  • Monitoring and 2nd support line for production systems,
  • All services can be delivered by CFT consultants at customer premises or remotely from our locations. 

Benefits for the customer:
  • Experienced consultants ensure fast and effective implementation,   
  • We select technologies and methodologies best fitting the customer, project specific parameters,
  • We utilize best practices and experience gained at most demanding markets

Tower GroupData migration from old systems present in the company to the newly implemented system.

CFT performed over 10 data conversion from different systems for various insurance types. The approach developed by CFT based on...

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Tower GroupIntegration with suppliers settling medical services and prescriptions

The CFT implementation team created and implemented the function of loading payments for medical services to the Claim Center system....

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Tower GroupIntegration with data warehouse

CFT developed and implemented ETL processes supplying data warehouses. At present data update is conducted once per 24 hours, and thanks...

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SUA InsurancePolicy verification systems when opening a new entry in the system

The functionality provided as part of the project included: searching for policy checking if a policy is active verifying whether...

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SUA InsuranceIntegration with internal claim registration system

The CFT design team implemented a system for reporting claims through a hotline 24/7. As part of the project, the Customer decided in...

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SUA InsuranceIntegration with corporate document repository

CFT designed and implemented an application which allows operators to automatically attach any documents in electronic form in the...

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SUA InsuranceAutomatic processing of low value claims (auto glass)

The CFT team designed and implemented a system which, on the basis of a file provided by the supplier, automatically registered...

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SUA InsuranceAutomatic reporting of data to statistical agencies

The CFT team prepared and implemented functionalities allowing for automatic claim reporting to statistical agencies in accordance with...

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SUA InsuranceThe integration with the system for finding claims from other insurers (anti-fraud)

The CFT implementation team designed a tool for communicating with the service of the central claim base. The information about opening a...

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SUA InsuranceDeveloping rules in the system for automatic assignment of new claims to employees

A team of CFT consultants developed and implemented a set of rules in the system for assigning new claims to appropriate employee...

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